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HEALTH  Health is very important to us so we use world leaders in Dog genetics to test our dogs for genetic health issues.  We aim to be able to offer a lifetime genetic health guarantee.  We do this by testing almost 180 genetic health problems known to dogs including hips, elbows and eyes.  We follow breed specific guidelines set by the UK Kennel Club and the BVA plus we utilise Penhipp testing to compare our dogs on an international level.  We do DNA on our parents and do parental DNA if required on the pups.  This will guarantee who your pups parents are and ensure they are the healthiest pups you will find in the UK.


EDUCATION  We offer guidance and education to all our pups owners and potential owners too.  On board at Moonlit we have a qualified canine behaviouralist, qualified nutritionalist and owners with a wealth of experience who are willing to guide you and your new family member.  We are members of the UK Kennel Club Academy plus follow the British Veterinary Association very closely.  We are all learning every day.


ADORABILITY This speaks for itself.  To date we have created some of the most adorable fur babies you will ever see.  Though colour and markings are not the most important factor we have produced some amazing Pomskies. Take a look through our photo albums on our Facebook page or click 'The Pomsky' tab above to see some of our past litters.  You won't be disappointed and will easily fall in love with at least one of our adorable fur babies.


RELATIONSHIP  We are trained in Canine Psychology so understand how much a dog means to a human and what a human means to a dog.  We aim to promote a lifelong, healthy relationship between you and your fur baby.  Not only this, being a Moonlit owners means you become a member of our extended family.  We have meet ups, birthday parties for the dogs and offer a support network for anyone who needs it.  We continue to grow as a family and are proud of the community spirit that has been created.


TEMPERAMENT Along with health it is vital we get this right.  All out dogs have amazing personalities.  We will never breed a dog who has behaviour issues. Our pups start their age appropriate training at three days of age and a few have gone on to be support dogs.  Our in-house trainer works wonders with our babies so you can be sure of a healthy, well balanced wonderfully behaved Pomsky from Moonlit.