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Do you know what is safe for your dog to eat?

For our first post we wanted to touch on some healthy and unhealthy foods for your dog. These are all things you will generally have in your kitchen, some may be a suprise to you, I know they were to me!

Apples, strawberrys, blueberries and banana all make the healthy list, these are fab to mix with some natural yoghurt or just water and freeze to serve up as a lovely cooling summer treat.

I was quite surprised to find out that popcorn, when cooked makes the healthy snack list, hold the butter and salt of course! Peanut Butter of course is on there however like humans some dogs have nut allergies so do try a little bit first under supervision to see how they react. It is a good idea to find out from your breeder whether the parents suffered from any allergies as these can often be genetic.

On the bad list, I was astonished to see tomatoes there, we eat a lot of tomatoes in our household and also have family that grow them in the garden, quite a risk to your pet to roam around unattended in garden full of tomato plants.

Chocolate of course is one of the most serious, extremely toxic to dogs. If your dog ever gets hold of chocolate monitor them carefully and at the first sign of any strange behaviour pop them to the vets!

Hope this gives you some ideas for healthy dog treats. Store bought treats often contain aditives that we would not eat, crude ash etc. We have a rule in our household if we wouldnt eat it, the dog wont eat it! This applies to most things except the raw meats.

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