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Do you know how the Dog Laws effect you?

We are coming to the end of Puppy Awareness week so I felt that now was the time to point out a few things that new and existing Puppy and Dog owners may not be aware of. To prevent important information being left out we have added a link to the UK Kennel Club Dog Law Guide.


Owning a dog/puppy is a wonderful experience. One which will bring many years of pleasure. Most of my happiest times have been spent with a dog. However this comes with a price tag and if you are unaware of some of the dog laws you could find yourself with a hefty fine or in the worse case scenario, In Court!!!!! One of the most recent changes in dog law is one of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. When people see the title “Dangerous Dogs” they seem to associate the words with dog breeds that have been labeled with the said title. It may be news to some people that this Act actually applies to all breeds of dog. From tiny chihuahuas to an English Mastiff this law applies to all. It is worth making sure you keep your dog under control at all times. Even when the door bell goes and in your own home, if a person feels threatened by your excited Shih tzu, then you could find yourself in trouble with the law. Failing to keep your dog under control, could result in having your dog put to sleep!!!!

A dog doesn’t have to bite to be deemed dangerous in the eyes of the law!!

Heres a link with more information. Other things to consider are things like micro chipping your dog. In 2016 it will be compulsory in the UK to have your dog chipped. Charities like The Dogs trust offer this service free of charge and owners details are recorded. Are you aware that dogs must wear a collar and a tag in public places? That under the Clean Neighborhoods and Environments Act you can be fined up to £1000 for not cleaning up after your dog? The other thing I’d like to mentions is that each council has different by laws so it would be in your best interest to contact your local council to find out how you may be affected. Your local dog training school should also inform you about local dog laws. Remember too that a farmer can and will shoot a dog that is causing a nuisance to his livestock!! To sum up and avoid any problems occurring with the law heres a few pointers to consider :- Responsible dog ownership

  • Train your dog in basic obedience, so it is under proper control at all times.

  • Train your dog to go to the toilet at home - if your pet accidentally fouls in public, make sure that YOU clean it up.

  • Always have a poop scoop, or other means, to clean up when you walk your dog.

  • Keep your dog on a lead when in public – it is an offense for your dog to roam the streets.

  • There are financial penalties if a dog warden picks up your dog. Stray dogs are taken to a local boarding facility. A fee is charged for reclaimed dogs

  • Take your dog to the vet for its vaccinations or test to ensure your dog is covered against disease.

  • Make sure that your dog has a healthy, balanced diet and gets plenty of exercise.

  • When your dog leaves your property it MUST wear a collar and tag.

  • Don't let your dog be a nuisance or danger to other people or animals.

  • Groom your dog regularly and check for fleas. If your pet does have fleas, the council's Pest Control section can treat your home if necessary (there may be a charge for this service).

  • Worm your dog regularly.

  • Consider having your dog neutered.

  • Dogs are good for people, people should be good for dogs.

  • Do not leave your dog in a car in hot weather.

Please have a quick look at the guide below and make sure you know as much as possible about the dog laws in your area!!

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