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  • Stephanie Griffiths

We're Pregnant!!!

Well well, I must admit it seems like a long time coming but that time is finally's puppy season!

Our beautiful Husky Eila, who belongs to Joanne, had an ultrasound today which confirmed she is carrying puppies. We are yet to confirm the exact number, as anyone who has bred or been involved in breeding will know it can be very difficult to get an accurate reading of numbers. Most importantly though we know there are some in there growing from little walnut sized blobs into beautiful fluffy, adorable balls of joy. Each of which will change some peoples lives FUREVER!!!

Eila as many will know if you have read over our page or are a member of our Facebook Group, Moonlit Pomskys UK, is a purebred Siberian Husky. We are so excited to see what pups she will produce given her rare piebald markings, strong husky marked face and the wonderful array of colours on both sides of her linegae.

Eila has a wonderful nature, her temperment is outstanding which is Joanne's most important requirement for a mum-to-be. She is gentle and friendly with children and other dogs, with great manners and a high level of obedience. Eila has fantastic recall, a great trait for a husky, She is adored by all who have met her, me included!

After a very long search of what must have been every Pomeranian stud in the UK, Joanne chose George, a cream Pomeranian, a Crufts qualifier, from great lines. Joanne has been to meet George on several occasions to ensure his temperment is what she wanted for our Daddy and he did not dissapoint. A fantastic, friendly little ball of cream fluff. Excitable, intelligent and well mannered he was a perfect fit for Eila.

Eila will be due mid-July and we are very excited to welcome several new official owners to the Moonlit family.

As our FAQs will advise, we do not advtertise the pups for sale, any available will be listed on our Facebook page in the first instance, although we match each pup to the owner and their requirements and preferences. These matches will not occur until the pups are 4 weeks old and we have a better idea of their little personalities and their eyes are open. Please join our facebook group so we can get to know you or email us here with your details.

We will keep you updated along the process. Congratulations Eila!!!

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