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The nuts have arrived!!!

The eagerly anticpated little nuts arrived on the 13th July 2015. First time mummy Eila needed no assistance to deliver the beautiful little furballs, although did yelp a little when Wally Walnut the biggest of the nuts was born. Their first few weeks have kept us enthralled, entertained and downright puzzled as to how these little nuts will turn out! Unlike any litter we have seen before they came out looking the same colour, however as the weeks have unfolded it has become apparent that no two are alike. From Blue/Black, Grey, Red/Chocolate to Sable there is such a variety.

Eila has been an absolutely fab first time mum, putting the puppies needs above her own, remarkably calm. Allowing her pack brother and sister, Tyler and Asha to play with them. Eila takes them toys to play with while sleeping and is always checking all 7 of them are ok. We could not have wished for a better mum to the nuttlings. Temperment is such an important factor to consider when breeding and often one that is over looked.

The nuts them selves are adorable, each one has developed their own little personality, it is impossible to pick a favourite as each one is so special in their own way. Watching them grow and develop with their furever families is going to be very exciting.

I would like to introduce the nuts in the order they were born, the newest additions to the Moonlit Family.


Our first born nut. Thea's original name was Hazel, given to her by Elise Roberts. She is not only the first born but the first to do everything. First to go outside to the toilet and first to start a rucus. She is a confident, cheeky little pup, always up to mischief.

Thea was renamed by her furever owners and will enjoying a very active lifestyle near Cheddar Gorge, where she has a lovely little playmate Titan and 2 legged brother to keep her busy.

We can not wait for the photo shoots and a trip with all the Moonlit pomksys to Cheddar Gorge for a fab crazy day out.


Our second born and smallest nut of the litter! Ember's original name was Acorn. She is a sweet little princess, but she has a wicked little side too! Happy to get stuck in when the rough and tumble starts and wants to join in with the bigger dogs.

Ember changes daily, her colouring has gone from deep chocolatey red to grey/blue undercoat and little white cheeks and black eyeliner. She is certainly one to keep an eye on as she grows up.

Ember is going to a fab home with long term friends who have patiently waited for their perfect puppy for years, she will be treasured and adored. We are so excited to keep track of her progress.

Wally Walnut

Our chunckiest, fluffiest, squeakiest little nut! First born boy and what a handsome one at that. This little fella is so sqeezable. He is the first to start a little fight and then runs off squealing. So far his little personality is living up to his name Wally Walnut!

Wally's owners decided to keep his original nutty name, and add the nickname Wally. Which certainly suits him to a T!

Wally is going to be very loved and going to an absolutely fab home with a two legged brother and sister who are going to be over the moon when they find out he is theirs. We cannot wait to see this boy develop, he will be a handful for sure but also a snuggle monkey.


A fitting name from a blue/grey princess. Elsa was originally names Macadamia but has been called Maca for short. Phoebe her adorable two legged sister to be chose her beautiful ice queen name.

Elsa is one of the quietest pups in the litter, happy to muddle in and play with the others but also very happy to cuddle up and fall asleep in your lap.

Her new home in Weston-Super-Mare is a great fit for her personality, there is already a lifelong friendship developing between Elsa and Phoebe, I am sure they are set to become a michievous duo.


Constantly changing Maya, formerly Peanut is a very cute little girl, but the troublemaker of the group. Already an established escape artist, Maya will certainly be a handful, but with that innocent little face we think she can easily get away with murder!

Staying close to home with one of our longterm friends, Maya has a fab home to go to, where she will be worshipped and adored.

Maya's colouring is anyones guess as she changes from morning to night. This cheeky one will keep us all guessing. Her surprise appearence at her new home to meet her two legged brother to be will be videoed and shared on Youtube so stay tuned to watch his reaction.


Our last born little girl, Jessie was originally Cashew and is the darkets coloured of the litter. Our blue/black dark princess is already worshipped by her forever family and is certainly not going to give them the easiest ride.

This cheeky nut likes to get stuck in to all the fights, get involved with the bigger dogs, is the first to escape or find a way around their play pen. Always keen to explore and already a keen chewer of shoes she is sure to be a handful.

That being said she loves a cuddle and is happy to fall asleep in your arms. She is fortunate to be going to an experienced home with a new mummy who has loved her from the second she entered this world! We are looking forward to seeing her colouring develop and her cheeky side shining through as she grows.

Cheyenne Scout

Our last born and second male, Cheyenne Scout or Scout for short was formely known as Pistachio. Very similar in colouring to Ember but without the prominent white cheeks, they are the twins of the group.

Very quick to learn Scout is one of the most intelligent pups of the pack. He was one of the first to be toilet trained and always takes himself off to the crate for a nap. Although sometimes doesnt quite make it and falls asleep on the spot. He has also been known to fall asleep sat up, so is definitley the snoozer of the group.

Perfectly suited to his new home with a lovely couple who have waited a long time for their perfect pup to arrive and fell deeply in love with little Scout. He will have some 4 legged feline buddies and a wardrobe full of banadanas! Looking forward to regular updates of this handsome boy.

To follow the journey of these puppies more closely join our facebook group and watch them grow and change. The pups will be going to their forever homes at 9 weeks. Eila can then enjoy a well earned rest.

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