• Stephanie Griffiths

Microchip Madness!!!

This is just a quick announcement, our very own Joanne Taylor has successfully completed a microchipping course. I think I speak for everyone at Moonlit when I say how proud we all are of Joanne's acheivement.

In the time I have known Joanne she has gone from strengh to strength and always puts the dogs interests first. As many dog lovers will know legislation is changing shortly so all pups must be microchipped by 8 weeks. As proactive as ever Joanne decided that for such little furbabies it would be a good idea for them to have this done in the comfort of thier birth home.

From here on all Moonlit babies will be microchipped before they go to their furever homes!

Congratulations Joanne, thank you from everyone for all that you do for our furbabies xxx

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