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  • Louise Jane Byrne

Keeping an eye on your dogs health!

Apart from daily grooming a weekly health check is advisable for every dog, this makes sure they are not only kept in tip top condition but that you can also quickly identify any issues and get them treated quickly.

Getting your puppies used to you looking at their teeth early on makes it much easier as they get older. I addition, carrying this out on a regular basis makes sure your pup is used to being checked, vet trips will then be so much easier!

I have put together a few key steps to follow weekly that I do with all of my dogs:

1. Check teeth and mouth. Make sure teeth are looking good and gums the right colour. Pale gums or red gums can indicate a problem so a trip to the vet would be required.

2. Have a close look at their eyes make. Check they are bright and healthy and that eyelashes are growing the right way not into the eye. Again this would need a trip to the Vet.

3. Check nails are trim and if not cut them carefully avoiding the wick. In the event you do catch the wick and the claw starts to bleed don't panic, put a little flour and water in a bowl and dip your pups paw in it. This will stop the bleeding. Keep the claw clean and check it daily in case of any infection Also I always check the feet in general and I find it easier to do when the dogs are tired and laying down. Check the pads for cuts and look closely to make sure there's nothing in the pads like little thorns etc. Check between the pads too pull out any bits of grass or soil.

4. Check the anal glands around your dog's bottom. Some dogs hardly ever or never need them draining whilst some need it doing regularly. It's dead easy to do once you know how but can cause the dog problems if done incorrectly. Ask someone who knows to show you and it'll save a lot of money going to the vets. Be prepared for a massive smell. Get ready with the baby wipes and kitchen roll and most definitely do outdoors.

5. Look in your dog's ears make sure they look clean. If not the outer ear can be cleaned with a baby wipe or cotton wool buds but don't dig deep with them as it can damage the ear drum. Also Smell inside your dog's ears. Watch out for a yeasty smell that can indicate ear mites or an infection

6. Check through your dog's coat right down to the skin make sure the skin looks healthy. Check for fleas, ticks and dandruff.

7. Check round your dog's genitals to make sure they are clean. If not give them a wipe with a baby wipe.

That's about it. I do this every week with all my dogs. Anything untoward can be picked up quickly and treated according. Enjoy!

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