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Stephanie Thomas - Azera's Owner

After giving up hope of ever owning a husky, as I did not have the space or time to give it the home and exercise it would need, it was by chance I discovered the Pomsky. It seemed almost too good to be true! After meeting Azeras litter I knew I had found the right place. I asked a lot of questions as there was so much misleading info out there and they had all the answers and then some. They were doing this for the right reasons and being extremely careful about the dogs health and welfare which is paramount to them.

For me it all happened very quickly. Nova's litter had just been born and I watched the pups change and develop over the first few weeks. The two wolf sable girls stood out to me, I had not seen their coloring before and I loved Azera's big brown eyes. Clearly it was meant to be. I heard from Karen and she felt I was a good match for Azera, I felt like I had won the lottery! I went to meet Azera the next day and knew she was the one for me! The next 4 weeks was agonising waiting to bring her home. Karen was fantatsic and kept us updated with videos and photos until we finally got to pick her up. Azera was raised in a wonderful family home, which is very clear from her love of children, she came to us already knowing how to sit and with an inquisitive, confident personality. However Karen's help and support did not stop there, Karen had put together a lovely puppy pack and leaflet of info on tips for integrating your pup into your home, caring for them and training tips to give you a fast start, all of which were extremely useful and I believe set us on the right track.

11 Months on and there is not a week that goes by that I dont hear from Karen, she has been a constant support, always on hand to answer questions, give advice and simply comment and share stories of the pups and the shananigans they get up to. I know I made the right choice, if we do decide to get a second in the future I would certainly wait patiently for Karen to match me up again! I have no problem recommending Moonlit Pomskys to anyone and have in fact done so with several friends, a few of which are hoping to be blessed with their very own ball of fluff soon.


Jenny Gascoigne - Shya's Owner

When looking for a new addition to our family we came across a crossbreed called a Pomsky. I trawled the internet to try and find some reliable information about them, just to see if they would fit into our family unit. I came across  Shyas litter in my search and I'm so pleased I did. Not only was the information given so thorough, but the love and attention given to the our litter  was amazing. I felt at ease, felt that this was the crossbreed and indeed the puppy for our family. My Shya is perfect. So well looked after. I couldn't be happier. From my moment of interest I have had help for any questions I have had. I couldn't recommend a more suitable family to be in. My pomsky family.

Sarah Letitiaa Friel - Jessie's Owner

Jessie has surprised and amazed us from the day we took her home. From they day she stepped into our home she decided it was hers and she has been a loving member of our little family since.  She is super intelligent and will try to outwit us if we give her half the chance!

On day 2 she figured out how to climb out of her crate and escape which meant i had to get a new one. Because shes so smart and so food orientated shes been a dream to train, she can already do sit, lie down, stand, both paws, on her back and roll over which at 13 weeks im very proud of. Shes been allowed into the big wide world now and she love it, walks are so interesting for this little pup because shes not scared of anything and loves making new 4 legged friends whenever we go out regardless of their size, she doesnt know she is small!


We are super excited to take her to puppy classes because i know she will thrive! Shes also fantasic in the car and happily sits on her passenger seat while mommy drives her to fun places and she loves going to pets at home because she knows she gets spoilt rotten! Shes always on the go and playing and a happy go lucky princess exactly how i wanted her to be. She saves most of her cuddles for mommy which gets daddy jealous sometimes but she loves us both.


We cant thank Joanne enough for Jessie, not only did she allocate us our perfect furbaby, she also gave her the best start in life which shines through in her everyday. We are very grateful to belong to the Moonlit family!

maria & Malcolm Beal - scout's Owner

Malcolm and I are the proud owners of our beautiful Cheyenne Scout Pistachio of Moonlit Pomskies - Scout for short! We simply cannot rate Joanne and her team at Moonlit Pomskies high enough.


We had waited nearly two years for our pup to come along, once we had discovered Pomskies - we had always loved huskies and wolves and as Pomskies are born in all different colours and patterns we always considered if we were lucky enough to be entrusted with our dream dog, that we may have two! Just the right size for us! There has been so much support and friendliness shown to us that once we had been matched and chosen for Scout whom we had admired as a newborn growing up in his first few weeks - we were in 7th heaven!


Joanne is a wonderful caring breeder, each pup gets full attention and love, raised as part of the family where we as prospective owners along with the other hopefuls, were kept informed every step of the way of Scout's development and personality and eventually the big day beckoned - such excitement to bring home our new baby!


We have Ragdoll cats whom we adore and Scout has settled in fine, as already said, there is the Moonlit wonderful network of support and we have made some lovely friends here, especially so Joanne of whom we hold in the highest regard. Thank you so much for our gorgeous boy, beautiful inside and out !

Jo is the most amazing is obvious from the start, how much love she has for all her dogs. The dogs are seen as family. She is concerned about their wellbeing and will give a furbaby to a home she is sure will care and love the puppy the way they deserve. If I were to get another dog they would have to come from Jo, as she gives each so much care and attention.


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