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About Moonlit Pomskys.


Welcome to Moonlit Pomskys.  You have discovered a Pomsky wonderland where you are guaranteed to find pomsky perfection. Moonlit Pomskys was created in 2013 to  establish new lines of Pomskys in the UK which will  increase the development of this beautiful crossbreed.  As founding members of The UK Pomsky Kennel Club, members of the International Pomsky Association 'IPA' and the Pomskys Owners Association 'POA"  we are  collaborating with other breeders on an international level to encourage and support one another on this exciting journey.  

You can find out more about the UKPKC  IPA and POA by clicking the images at the foot of each page.


This site was created to do more than showcase our wonderful dogs and litters. It was created to also provide information and support for Pomsky enthusiasts around the globe, as well as to share the pictures and stories of our beautiful Pomsky family. At Moonlit Pomskys you will find beautiful, family raised, well socialised, healthy and happy pomskys.


From time to time we will have puppies available, to find out more about becoming an owner of one of these beautiful dogs please see the FAQs and join our facebook group for a more interactive experience.


Our Breeder
Pomsky Puppy
Joanne Taylor

Joanne is the proud owner of Asha, Pomsky  mum of our gorgeous fluffy Potential and Twilight litter,  Eila, the beautiful unusually marked pie-bald Husky, who is the amazing mum to our beautiful Nuts, Gems and Artist litters, Jett, son of Eila and daddy to the twilight litter,  who is the comedian of the family,  Asami, our beautiful Bi-Eyed imported Pomsky from the USA, Tolkien the chilled USA boy of the family and our blue eyed, wooly Talulah, also from the USA, Asriel, Asha and Tolkins baby and the beautiful Jerri from our friends over at Lollipop Pomskies in Utah.  


A little note from Joanne...


Hi I'm Joanne.  My love of dogs started with my first dog as a child.  A golden retriever by the name of Flash. Since Flash, I have been the proud owner of a Labrador, two Great Danes from superb Ravendane lines, and a beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier. I am now the proud owner of Asha a JR terrier cross yorkie called Tyler, Eila the Siberian Husky, Jett the Pomsky Eilas son,  Asami our little USA girl, Tolkien our chill bean from USA, Talulah our woolly blue eyed beauty also from the USA, Asriel, our tiny Asha and Tolkien baby,  Jerri our blue eyed chocolate girl from Lollipop Pomskies in Utah and our new addition Satine a Jerri baby that we kept from her most recent litter.

My love of dogs led me to to love huskys and when I first heard of the Pomsky crossbreed I was captivated. Pomerainians are well known for being easy to train yet they are small, yappy little fellows, not quite my cup of tea.  A husky has a high prey drive and can be unmanageable.  I had to find out more.  In 2013 I went to view some puppies that I had discovered. I fell in love with Asha immeadiately. She was a dream and my reason for taking breeding Pomskies to the next level.

I have completed diplomas in Understanding what makes dogs tick, Puppy training, Bronze, Silver and Gold instructor courses. A CoE Canine Behaviour  Course.  I am a qualified in Microchipping I have studied and been awarded a Canine Behavioral Psychology Diploma.  

I am registered with ADTB and I am currently working towards being a registered trainer for Good Citizenship with the UK Kennel Club.  I am a qualified fertility consultant  and was one of the first to complete the first ofqual level 3 course in Dog Breeding.  Due to wanting the very best for my dogs I also undertook and completed a diploma in Canine Nutrition.

 I enjoy taking part in Rally and Agility and attend local Charity dog shows.  I have been a volunteer at the local RSPCA cruelty centre working one to one with dogs who have behavioural issues.

I am very excited to embark on this journey and seeing more families made whole with the edition of one of these beautiful Pomsky puppies. I am always on hand to give advice and lend support where I can.  It has been so fulfilling to be able to provide families with a beautiful puppy that they will treasure and cherish for their whole  lives. Being able to follow their journeys,  continue to help and support the owners and just share the magic these gorgeous pups bring to our families.

To date Moonlit Pomskys has set the highest standards in the UK  and I am so proud of the community that has been created.  

I believe that all puppies deserve the best possible start in life and work with them from 3 days of age to stimulate their tiny brains.  They are socialised and stimulated  with the most positive age appropriate methods and leave our loving home potty trained, socialised, stimulated and  well balanced pups.  Using psychology as a base this sets the pups up for life to be easy to train with outstanding temperaments.  

In 2017 I took part in creating a pomsky training book which was thoroughly enjoyable.  The book takes the owner through different stages of training using different techniques.  I contributed to the positive training methods in the book which can be purchased by clicking the button below.


On reading Joannes modest introduction we can tell we are at the home of one of the leading Pomsky breeders in the UK. Joanne has over 30 years of canine experience and not only does she assist the owners of her own pups but also offers advice and support to other breeders and owners Internationally and in the UK.  She is always on hand for training and  nutritional advice and receives referrals from the local vets.

Joanne goes above and beyond where any dogs are concerned.  She will use her canine psychology skills and puppy observation skills to match owners with the perfect addition to their family.  If your looking for a Pomsky, Your in the right place.     

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