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Thanks for contacting UK Pomskys someone will get back to you shortly!

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions that are not answered on our site.  Please be advised if we have puppies available you will find details on our  facebook group.

We do not ship our puppies outside of the UK. 

Each pup is matched to an owner and never advertised for sale. Unless you can visit the UK and collect your puppy we will not ship our pups overseas alone by cargo.

Moonlit puppies are only available directly from us. 

Moonlit Pomskys

Warrington, Cheshire, England


We understand that not everyone has Facebook.  With this in mind we wouldn't like to exclude anybody from the chance of owning one of our beautiful Pomskys.

If you have done your research looked through our site and feel a Pomsky is the right type of dog to be adding to your family you can fill out the form opposite to express your interest in up and coming litters.     

Looking for Pomsky related merchandise? Pop along to see our personalised range.  

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