Planned Litters

Talulah and Indi

Talulah and Indi.... Talulah is our beautiful blue eyed girl from the USA.

She is 75% Husky and 25% Spitz which makes her an F1b. She has the most carefree nature, is very bouncy and loves to be in your business.   She loves nothing more than attention and will do anything for a treat or three.  This will be Talulahs 2nd litter as she continues to pass all health and temperament tests we do here at Moonlit.  

Indi is a fabulous Pom owned by our very good friend.  We have Embark tested Indi and run other tests. He is in tip top condition from nose to tail.  He is the cutest lil boy and stays with us quite often so you may see him if you visit.  He's so easy to fall in love with.

Eila & river 

Ella has already blessed us with some amazing F1 pomsky dogs and to say we are excited for her next F1 litter is an understatement. 

Eila is well known for being an amazing Mummy to her past litters.  She helps to raise our other litters too.

This time round we are selecting River to be Daddy to Eilas next litter. River is an amazing little blue boy who has produced some insanely cute pups for our very good friend Anne.  I love to be able to watch Rivers babies grow and can't wait to have River babies of our own.

Watch this space as this litter will be amazing!


Asami is our USA import who recently had her 2nd litter in Nov 2019.  She has just the right amount of sassiness and loves a cuddle.

We will be deciding on when and who Asami will be having her 3rd litter with a little later in the year!!!

A little note on Health Testing

Due to Pomskies being a cross of Huskies and Pom/Spitz we go above and beyond with our health testing.  

We take recommendations from the UK Kennel Club along with suggestions from specific breed clubs.  Our dogs are tested for over 175 genetic health conditions.  We thrive to created the healthiest Pomskies with amazing Temperaments 

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