Planned Litters

Please Note;

Due to Covid 19 our plans have changed slightly

Eila & INDI  Autum/Winter litter

Ella has already blessed us with some amazing F1 pomsky dogs and to say we are excited for her next F1 litter is an understatement. 

Eila is well known for being an amazing Mummy to her past litters.  She helps to raise our other litters too.

Daddy to this litter will be Indi.  Indi is here with us during the lockdown in the UK so for everyones safety we used Indi. He is new to the pomsky lines, carries for liver and dilute and is an amazing stud.  We are quite excited for these pups and some are already on hold for a breeding program.  We hope Eila blesses us with a big enough litter to go round.  

Talulah and River  Summer Litter

Talulah and WAIT FOR IT!!!!! 


Talulah is our beautiful blue eyed girl from the USA.

She is 75% Husky and 25% Spitz which makes her an F1b. She has the most carefree nature, is very bouncy and loves to be in your business.   She loves nothing more than attention and will do anything for a treat or three.  This will be Talulahs 2nd litter as she continues to pass all health and temperament tests we do here at Moonlit.  

River is an awesome Pom that is owned by our good friend.  He is super chilled and loves giving kisses.  He has made some amazing pups here in the UK since his arrival from Russia.  His awesome lines means one from this litter is already on breeder hold.  He has been pattella and embark tested. We are so excited to see what these two produce.

This litter is subject to change!

asami & Jett  Autumn Litter

Asami is our USA import who had her 2nd litter in Nov 2019.  She has just the right amount of sassiness and loves a cuddle.

Everyone who meets Asami falls in love with her and her beautiful  silky coat.  Asami won best opposite in the International Pomsky Show which shows her conformation is exactly what we are working towards.

Asami had her first litter with Jett and we are so pleased with how they matured we have decided to repeat this mating again.  

Jett is our home boy and son to Eila our husky.  His temperament and personality is exactly what we are breeding towards.  Jett is eagar to join you for a cuddle and is determined to please everyone.  He plays a major part in our pack by protecting the smaller guys if needed.

Very much like his mum EIla he can look into your soul with his eyes.

Pop on over to our facebook page to see the Greatest Showman Litter.

asriel & Jett  Winter Litter

Asriel is our home bred tiny Pomsky and the start of our Mini lines here at Moonlit.

Asriel has recently passed her health tests with flying colours and is now ready to go when she next comes into season.

We are considering using Jett as her first partner as we know Jett can produce smaller pomskies. The temperament of these two is a match made in heaven.  Asriel being Ashas daughter has a very caring, need to be with you, personality whereas Jett is slightly more energetic, my absolute shadow and eager to please.

If you want a small, intelligent, easy to manage pomsky or a support dog this litter is for you!  

Please note, the breedings mentioned above are our future plans.  Unfortunately we are unable to guarentee these pairings. There are too many factors to concider when mating and we have the right to change out mind at last minute.

A little note on Health Testing

Due to Pomskies being a cross of Huskies and Pom/Spitz we go above and beyond with our health testing.  

We take recommendations from the UK Kennel Club along with suggestions from specific breed clubs.  Our dogs are tested for over 175 genetic health conditions.  We thrive to created the healthiest Pomskies with amazing Temperaments 

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