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Meet the Mums

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At Moonlit pomskys we pride ourselves on the fact that all our mums are family pets, raised in loving homes. Temperment is key for all Moonlit mum's and mum's to be. This is the key factor that must be satisfied before we would consider breeding from her. All our mums to be are health screened and checked by a professional reproductive vet in accordance with KC guidelines  and alongside the Code of Ethics established by the International Pomsky Association (IPA) .  

Pomsky Mum...

Asha, MY Reason  2013-2019

Asha is from Novas only litter of Pomskys. Nova is a purebred Siberian Husky, her Daddy was Troy, a black and white parti German Spitz Klein .  Asha was born in September 2013 on Joannes birthday.  Prior to her first litter Asha had her hips and eyes tested as well as a full check up by a reproductive vet. These tests were continued and redone to ensure Asha remains in perfect health and safe to breed.  She is IPA and KC registered.


Asha, a very sociable little girl who loves taking part in weekly agility lessons and attends Rally once a month.  She is extremley easy to train, her recall is amazing, and she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.  She enjoys taking part in charity shows in the local area and wears her rossettes with pride.


She is a friendly, lovable girl who gets along well with all dogs of all sizes. Children are her favourite two legged companions and she wouldnt hesitate to share a kiss or two, especially with her two legged sister Elise. 


Asha gave birth to her first litter of F1b Pomskys in October 2015, the potentials. She also had a singleton puppy the beautiful Miracle (Mira) who lives with her Daddy Wally from the nuts litter. She then went on to have the Twilight Litter.  An all girls litter.  Her last litter was the wonderful Jacksons litter which was sired by our very own Tolkien.  Her daughter Asriel stayed with us to carry Ashas beautiful lines on.  Her pups share not only her beauty but also her wonderful temperament, intelligence and above all good health. 

Asha has now retired.   x

Husky Mum...

Eila - Retired in 2021


 Eila's story is very interesting. Not with Joanne from a pup, she was rehomed by Joanne from a wonderful family in Caerphilly in Wales who sadly had some health issues in their family and wanted to ensure Eila was given the time and dedication she deserved.  She moved to live with Joanne, and her four legged brother and sister, Tyler and Asha when she was 8 months old. 


Already a character with a wonderful temperment and bouncy personality we knew Eila would quickly become a very much loved part of the Moonlit family. 


Eila is a decendent from fabulous Siberian Husky lines, which several Champions, including her striking Grey and White Dad and Black and White Mum.

As a rare Agouti Pielbald Husky with Orange/Brown eyes, Eila has some fabulous colours in her lines.   Her first litter of pups certainly did not disappoint and are still keeping us guessing. 

Eila has a fabulous temperment she is very gentle with smaller dogs, very playful and bouncy and a joy to be around.

Her training has come on exceptionally well. For a Husky her recall is amazing. With a gentle nature, easy to train and great with our dogs and children, Eila is a blueprint for the temperment Moonlit are looking for from our Husky Mum's. This was clearly demonstrated by her behaviour during her first litter. Eila was an exceptional mum, always putting her pups first and took to labour and motherhood like a duck to water. The nuts are truly a fabulous example of pomsky puppies, with wondeful personalities, a true mix of personalities yet all so alike in terms of intelligence, trainability and beauty. 

Eila went through a series of health tests and checks prior to having her first litter, The Nuts! Her hips and eyes were great and she had a clean bill of health from our specialist reproductive vet. Ella is IPA and KC registered. She is also Mum to our Gems litter born in 2016 and our Authors Litter born in 2018.  Eila is currently resting and having a season off before her next and last litter in 2020  which are very excited for! 

Eila is now retired and plays 2nd mummy to all our pups.

Pomsky Mum

Asami is our sassiest member of the pack.  Her life began at the beginning of 2017 in America being one of three puppies born to Chinook of Snowoof who is an F1 Pomsky and Frodo her dad who is an American Eskimo Dog.  On seeing puppy photos of her just a few minuets old we knew she was the perfect little lady we had been waiting for.  She was a long time coming but WOW she was worth the wait.  The breeder of Asami, practices very similarly to Moonlit, following the same strict Code of Ethics set out by The International Pomsky Association, (IPA), so we knew we would be getting the most perfect baby anyone could wish for, and we have not been disappointed.  Asami Girl is a sassy little lady who just loves to have loads of attention.  She settled into our home extremely well and made it easy for us to fall in love with her personality. 

Her best doggy friend is Jett from our Gems litter.  They bonded as soon as she arrived and spend hours playing together.  Her favourite two legged family member is Élise and you can often find her laying with Élise on her bed assisting with homework chores and creating some beautiful artwork.  

Asami has beautiful bi-eyes and the most perfectly symmetrical, true husky mask.  She has received outstanding genetic health test results and has passed her PennHIPP testing with flying colours .

At present she is conforming with the breed standard set out by the IPA and continues to thrive over here in the UK.  We are truly honoured to have been given this opportunity of welcoming Asami into our home and will be forever grateful to her breeder, Snowoof, for creating such a perfect example of this breed.

At a recent IPA show Asami won Best Opposite in her class and best Opposite in show.  Her evaluation for the breed standard is spot on. 

Asami has created some outstanding babies and we cant wait to see her next litter.



Welcome Talulah.  

Talulah is our beautiful woolly 75% husky 25% American Eskimo girl.  

She has amazing blue eyes and has travelled all the way from America to be with us.  She loves people and needs to be in your business at all times.  She is super friendly and is forever looking for attention from anyone who is willing to give it to her.  Talulah has a very bouncy Huskylike nature with amazing recall which makes her such a fun loving girl that keeps us all on our toes.  Talulah had her first litter with Tolkien early in 2019.  The Authors were our chunkiest babies and have all gone to some fantastic homes.

We hope for more Talulah babies early in 2022.



Asriel is our home bred baby from Asha And Tolkien  

An absolute outstanding temperament which is what we strive to achieve here at moonlit.  

Ariel had her first litter in 2021 and her offspring took after her in personality and went on to be support dogs for two families and best buddies and lifetime companions to the other families.  We were so pleased with the outcome of this litter knowing that the temperaments of Asha and Asriel  will continue to be passed on to their offspring  so that others can experience the support of a pomsky.  Asriel is the beginning of our micro lines and we hope to have some stunning babies from her next year.


Pomsky UK


Jerri is our gorgeous blue eyed pomsky from Pomsky Lollipop in Utah.  Working alongside Cheyenne since the very beginning of Pomskies and making history together resulted in a great friendship and the opportunity to bring this beautiful girl over to the UK 

We are honored to have Jerri join our pack.  Shes great fun with an awesome temperament who acts like a larger breed when playing but snuggles on the sofa like you would expect from a much smaller breed.  

She is named after MungoJerry from the musical Cats due to her cat like antics when she was a pup.  Scoring amazing marks on her breed standard evaluation we know that this girl is going to take the UK to another level in the Pomsky World.  

Jerri has had amazing health test results and is from health tested lines.  She had her first litter of 5 pups in 2021 and three of the pups went to breeding homes, one breeder home being with our lovely friends in The Netherlands.  We are hoping for more Jerri babies in 2022. 



Satine is our newest addition.  She is a Jerri baby and we welcomed her into the world in September 2022.  Satine will go though our normal health testing regime with the hope of her becoming a Mummy herself one day.

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