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Given that Pomsky's are a relatively new crossbreed, there is so much misleading info out there. As such many people often ask the same questions. We have done our best to answer some of these below. If you have a question that is not featured here please feel free to contact us, although do keep up to date on our blog as we will continue to post some useful info there.


When deciding whether to get a dog or what dog to get, it is always vital to thouroughly research the breed, or in this case breeds, to ensure you are prepared for the responsibility you will be taking on. For this reason we kindly suggest that you do not limit your research to this page, please explore other sites that have useful information about the individual breeds. It is vital that you have explored all options before making a commitment.




All puppies sold by Moonlit Pomskys will be sold as Pets only and will be subject to the following terms & conditions which will be included on the contract of sale:


  • Each pup will be sold as a pet only, the breeder reserves all breeding rights and requests that in the interest of the dogs welfare they must be spayed or neutered before they reach the age of one.

  • All new owners agree to join the research programme, provide weights weekly until the pup is 6 months old, then monthly until 1 year. We also ask for you to provide regualr photo updates of your pup, as well as their height - these can be added and updated on the facebook page for ease. 

  • In the unfortunate event that your pup may ever need to be rehomed, you must contact Moonlit Pomksys immediately who will find a suitable home for your dog, or foster it until a suitable forever home can be found. Under no circumstance can you rehome your dog without prior consent of Moonlit Pomskys.



Frequently Asked Questions

Important Note

1. How big will a Pomsky get?

One of the most frequently asked questions about a Pomsky is how big will it get. There has been a lot of misleading info on this question all over the internet. In truth a Pomsky as it is a mix of two breeds can be any size between the two parents. This is a big range, so you need to be prepared as some Pomskys can get as big as its Husky mum. That being said for Moonlit Pomskys the average adult weight to date is 9.3kgs and height on average is 15.9 inches.

Moonlit is proud to say that we have produced some of the smallest pomskies known to the UK. 

2. Why cross a Husky with a Pomeranian?

This is very often asked by many people who disagree with crossbreeds or who are simply curious as to the reasons behind the cross. Huskys are notoriously beautiful dogs, desired by many but managed by few.  They require a very strong owner who will ensure they know thier place in the pack. They also require extensive exercise and become very bored, miserable and often destructive if not exercised properly. Not to mention their thick wooly coats that shed twice a year. They certainly are a high maintenance breed, for this reason copious amounts of huskies are rehomed every year as people simply fail to do their research and instead buy a dog they like the look of. A Pomsky has the desired husky look in a smaller more managable and easily trainable dog. However as with all crossbreeds the pup can end up with a mix of traits from both breeds so you need to do your research on each breed before considering a Pomsky as a pet. Its a lottery there is no way to tell what traits will be displayed so be prepared.

3. How do I reserve a puppy?


We do not operate a waiting list for our pups. Instead we match the pups to the owners and like to get to know you first to ensure our puppies are going to good homes. To do this effectively we operate a very interactive facebook group which is monitored daily by our admin team of Pomsky owners as well as ourselves.


The reason for matching pups to their owners is we feel this gives both the pup and it's new family the very best start at a valuable time in the pups life.  To place a high energy dog with a low energy owner would be a recipe for disaster.  To date this has proved to be a very successful way of pairing for all our pups.  None of our pups have needed to be returned, re-homed or had any problems settling in to their new homes.  

We do take into consideration the look that owners are taken to which is why we need potential owners to be active on the page.

Occasionally we do allow potential puppy owners who we feel are suitable pomsky owners to place a non-refundable holding fee.  This holding fee gives the new owners priority on the next available litter.  If we both feel that the pups are not suitable or not what the new owners are looking for then the holding fee can be carried forward to the next litter.

4. What would be required of me as an Owner of a Moonlit Pomsky?


All puppies sold by Moonlit Pomskys will be sold as Pets only. Every new owner will be required to sign a contract which stipulates that the pup will not be bred and will remain the property of Moonlit Pomskys until being spayed or neutered. In addition to this all new owners agree to join the research programme and provide weights weekly until the pup is 6 months old then monthly until 1 year as well as heights monthly until 1 year old, we also ask that you provide regualr photo updates so we can monitor development and changes. 

Joanne like to see the pups an we arrange plenty of meeting for all Facebook members to attend. She likes to monitor their personality, temperament, trainability and health as they mature. 



5. What should I expect when getting my pet pomsky from Moonlit Pomskys?

As an owner of a Moonlit Pomsky pup you not only take home a well socialised, family raised, healthy, happy and beauitful pup but you will also get full support from the breeder and fellow owners 24/7 365 days a year.  Meet up with other owners throughout the year and watch your pups litter and future litters develop and change as they grow up, and be part of a wonderful research team who's aim is to get the Pomsky recognised as its own breed.

We will of course prepare a Puppy Pack for every owner to take when they collect their pup, these will vary but will always contain a bag of food that the puppy has been raised on (always a well known healthy brand availabe in most pet stores) and a blanket with the mums scent for the pups comfort when settling at their new home.  Pups will be microchipped , Vaccinated for life with vets 4 pets and come with 4 weeks free insurance cover.  

6. Are Pomskys trainable?

Pomskys are definitley trainable, although some are harder work than others. This depends on whether they have more husky traits or not. That being said we are true believers that you get out what you put in. If you are prepared to spend some quality time with your pet then they will be far easier to manage. Even some of our most inexperienced owners have managed to train a Pomsky to a very good standard of obedience.  

Don't forget that our breeder is also a qualified dog trainer and canine behaviourist.   A Moonlit Pomskys will have been stimulated and well socialised so they are confident, eager to please and very trainable.  Support is just a phone call or message away.

7. What are they like around children and other animals?

Moonlit Pomskys are incredibly people friendly and adore children. They love attention from anyone that will give it to them. They also get on very well with  dogs of any kind and tend to be very submissive. Pomskys are also great around cats if brought up with them and have even turned some anti dog cats into Pomsky lovers.

8. Do Pomskys moult?

Pomskys shed their coats twice a year and need regular grooming. At around 12 weeks to 6 Months they go through an "UGLY" stage like pomeranians where they drop their coats and their ears look out of propotion. Once they have their coats back they do moult like huskies, and can blow their coats twice a year. Another thing that makes them so fascinating is that they can completely change their markings and coats as they mature.


Do not under estimate the blowing of their coats even though they are generally much smaller than huskies they have a lot of fur, you will need a good vacuum!  Advice is given on grooming on our Facebook page.

9. Are Pomsky's noisey?

Pomskys do bark, howl and mumble. Some are quieter than others but generally they will let you know if someone is coming, if there is something they don't like or just to get your attention.  They can also howl if feeling lonely and tend to mumble to you when you are talking to them.



10. Can Pomsky's be left alone?

Huskies are pack animals so like the company of other dogs, Pomeranians are very needy and live for people, so neither breed does well left alone for long periods. That being said we have  a few who cope well but we certainly would not recommend having a dog if you are likely to be out of the house for long periods daily.



11. What is a Pomsky's diet like?

Some Pomsky's can suffer from a sensitive stomach from  the husky side. This can easily be managed with the right diet. We recommend a grain free kibble or a raw diet.  Boiled Chicken and Sweet Potato as well as natural yoghurt is good to settle an upset tummy. There are no known health issues that special diets have been required for.  You will see on one of our blog posts some foods that are toxic for dogs, please have a look at these. We will also from time to time post some recipes for homemade healthy dog treats.



12. Can we see them?

Of course, we encourage all potential oweners to come and meet the Pomskys. We host meets around the country, these are always advertised on our facebook group and is a great opportunity to see the Pomskys up close and personal, meet the future mums who will always be in attendance, ask questions of the owners and breeders.



Pomsky Generations

From time to time you may see breeder or owner refer to their Pomsky Dogs as an F1 or F2. This is to explain what generation their pomsky is.  

The chart opposite gives a simple explanation of the Generation Terminology.

We do not operate a wait list due to the way we match our pups to new owners.  We do allow potential puppy owners who we feel are suitable pomsky owners to place a non-refundable holding fee.  This holding fee gives the new owners priority on the next available litter.  If we both feel that the pups are not suitable or not what the new owners are looking for then the holding fee can be carried forward to the next litter.

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