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  • Stephanie Griffiths

We're Pregnant... Again!!!

Well the dust has barely settled after the nuts have departed, but an ultrasound has confirmed that our girl Asha is expecting a few little bundles herself and we could not be happier.

Asha is one of Moonlit's original Pomsky litters and belongs to the amazing Joanne (who I should add has made so many peoples transition into Pomsky owners a dream come true - more about that in our Testimonials). The ultrasound has confirmed that our beautiful blue eyed girl is carrying some little potentials in her chubby little tummy.

Why Potentials I hear you say??? Well Asha to those who know her well is known as the Oracle. She is the mother hen and observer of the group. She usually perches herself on a chair or table and watches the other dogs from up high, to ensure they are behaving themselves.One look in those gorgeous blue eyes and you can tell Asha sees all and knows all!

Where do I start?I must say this is a slightly emotional post. I have a deep attachment to Asha, not just because of her sweet nature and fantastic temperament but she is also my babies sister, so I have watched her grow up right from the beginning. Let me give you some highlights:

Asha, our blue eyed,black and white beauty was the fourth born of her litter. She caught Joanne's eye almost immediately and soon made the journey to her new home in Warrington with her 2 legged sisters Candice & Elise, four legged canine brother Tyler and four legged feline brother Alvin. Eila arrived later making them a four legged foursome!

Quick to learn, Asha was quickly the one to watch. With Joanne's guidance and of course Elise's top training classes (see Elise & Asha in action on our YouTube Channel) Asha was quickly the envy of her brothers and sisters being the best trained little angel, accomplishing tricks so quickly no one could keep up! She is very intelligent, a trait I know Joanne is certainly hoping is passed onto the pups. Asha also takes part in Agility and Rally and is the proud owner of several 1st place rosettes!

Asha has an outstanding nature, great with children, adults, dogs, cats and anything else that moves! She is an absolute pleasure. Definitely a lap dog, she loves a cuddle and will hop onto anyones lap for a little cwtch!

Finding the right stud was absolutely paramount for Joanne. Asha is Joanne's baby girl so the search was long! Finally we discovered the beautiful and uniquely marked Pringle, owned by Anne Taylor. Joanne went to visit and immediately knew Pringle was the right one. Raised in a home with other dogs Pringle shares many of Asha's great qualities. His gorgeous markings, beautiful huge brown eyes and wonderful nature ticked all the right boxes, finally Asha had a boyfriend!

After a successful AI mating. We were over the moon to discover Asha was carrying a litter. Due on October 21st there is not long to wait before the potentials arrive. What they will look like is anyones guess?? One thing I am certain about, no one will be disappointed.

Who knows even Azera may end up with a baby brother or sister.....

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