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  • Stephanie Griffiths

The Potentials are here!!!

It seems like 5 minutes ago I was annoucing our fantastic news that our darling girl,Asha the Oracle was pregnant. She knew how excited everyone was and did not want to keep people waiting so on the earliest date the pups were set to arrive, out they came.

Poor little Asha was a bit unsure what was going on at first, but with a little assistance from the amazing Joanne, she very quickly got into a stride and has been a fantastic first time mom so far.

The first and smallest little baby popped out at around 8:25am, Neo our gorgeously marked Black and White little boy. Closely followed by the chunk of the litter our Mighty Morpheus, our seond born boy. Asha had a little breather and in true laid back Asha style a little nap before Dozer, our thrid boy came into the world. It was not long after this that Asha gave birth to her final baby, the most adorable little piebald princess Trinity. Asha has nutured and cared for the pups with ease, her wonderful temperment and maternal instincts shining through.

Everyone at Moonlit could not be more proud of this beautiful litter, no one more so than Joanne. It was wonderful to witness her falling in love with Asha all over again and the bond between them becoming even stronger.

Stay tuned for more pictures and to watch them grow over the coming weeks. If you are not already part of our facebook group feel free to join for a close up view of their development.

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